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No. 92 Pressure Vacuum / Breather Valve

Substantial new profit can be obtained with a Tokheim Vapor Control System. Users records prove that the cost of equipping storage tanks can be repaid in a few months as savings are directly proportionate to total volume handled.

A simplified Tokheim Vapor Control System consists of a Tokheim Pressure Vacuum / Breather Valve and a Tokheim Pressure Tight Tank Gauge on each tank application.

The Tokheim Series Pressure Vacuum / Breather Valves keep a predetermined pressure on the tank preventing unnecessary escape of volatile vapors. This unit gives adequate tank venting having a full 2,6, or 10 inch pressure valve. Available in the #185 series are 2, 4,6,8 and 10 inch pipe sizes.

The Tokheim series of Pressure Vacuum / Breather Valves are quality constructed with a sturdy iron cover and base, stainless steel valve guides, aluminum valves, valve seat, screen and weatherhood. All of these quality components are used to insure years of dependable service with little maintenance.