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No. 85 Flame Arrester

Tokheim Flame Arresters consist of a cast iron base, cover and posts, plus aluminum weather shields and plate stacks. The plates are 0.061" thick and are spaced 0.020" apart to make the stack.

Tokheim 2" and 3" flame arresters are UL approved.


Be sure plate stacks and base are free of any packing materials. Apply pipe sealer to connecting pipes, screw arrester on pipe by hand. Then tighten securely with a pipe wrench applied to flanges of unit.


It is important that the vent pipe to which the flame arrester is attached be extended a safe distance above ground and if it is near a building it should be extended above the roof. Flame arresters have no moving parts, however it is important to inspect and clean the plate stacks periodically. To inspect, remove nuts on top of cover and lift cover off. Remove plate stacks and inspect by holding up to lights. Spaces between plates should be open. To clean plate stack, immerse in warm soapy water and agitate to remove dirt. Rinse well with hot water and blow dry with compressed air. Clean unit with soft cloth dampened with naphtha. Replace plate stacks and cover and tighten nuts firmly.